B is for Bubbles and Bears




* blowing bubbles

*Balancing (gross motor skills)

* sorting by color     

*learning the color red and the shape of a circle                        

* going on bear hunt- learning about different bears & their habitats..

* The sound of letter Bb/writing letter B                             

* Cutting on the lines & in circles

* Days of the week and Months of the Year (calendar)



God saw everything that He had made. And it was good. Genesis 1:31




*Tuesday is Picture Day!  Dress in your best!

*Wednesday is bring your teddy bear day.

*Remember Friday is always letter Share day! Bring something that starts with the letter B!

*October 8th is our first field trip to the fires station!

"I Can" Week


This week we will be learning all about the letter A!   We will be learning about things we can do like cutting, coloring, cutting, painting, sorting and building.  Each day will be a different theme. 


*Writing and sounding out the letter A/identifying circles

*Identifying the number 1 and the color red

*Sorting objects by color

*practice fine and gross motor cutting skills, coloring and painting

*practice building with blocks, cups, magnets


“God saw everything he made. And it was very good.” Genesis 1:31


*NO SCHOOL on Monday. September 2nd.

*Friday September 6th, is share day for letter A and wear the color red!!

*Tuesday, September 10th is Picture Day

 *Wednesday, September 11th is Bring a Teddy Bear Day.

First Week of School

Theme of the Week:

This week, we will be learning all about school! We will learn all about our new friends, different parts of our classroom, and the classroom rules We will play some games to get to know our new friends. We will do our first science experiment of the year, create some fun art, work on name recognition, and go on a Pete the Cat scavenger hunt.

Focus Skills of the week:

*cutting, gluing pigenons (art) (fine motor)

*matching our friends to their names

*(science) volcano

*playing with playdoh (fine motor, sensory)

*(art) watercolors on white crayon; creating a resist

*water beads with funnels (sensory)

*making a table top diorama for We Don’t Eat Our Classmates (sensory)

*playing games (Who Am I?; Hickety, Pickety, Bumblebee; Open Shut Them )

*(art) bubble wrap stamping

Upcoming dates:

*First Day of School—Monday, August 26

*No School—Monday, September 2

*Bring Your Bear Day—Wednesday, September 11

Field Trip to the Fire Station—Tuesday, October 8

Bugs and Insects Galore!

Theme of the Week:

This week we will be learning all about insects! We will learn about the parts of an insect and how many legs/antennae they have. We will be making our own ladybugs, butterflies, fingerprint ants and more! We will also go on an insect scavenger hunt this week. Remember we will have an extended day field trip to the park on Friday. Please send in a sack lunch that day. PIck up will be at noon.

Focus Skills of the week:

*cutting, gluing ladybugs (art) (fine motor)

*sorting insects vs. non-insects

*(science) insect scavenger hunt

*doing some insect/bug yoga poses exercising

*learning the butterfly life cycle (science)

*(art) making coffee filter butterflies

*making kinetic sand ant hills (sensory)

*making a table leaf habitat and bug diorama tub (sensory)

*playing games (ants in your pants, fly swatter spell your name game, )

*counting with dice “bug on a leaf” beans, ,tweezers game (fine motor)

*(art) finger painting “ants in your pants”

UP-coming dates:

*Friday sack lunch and late pick up at noon. We will be walking to the park for lunch.

*Last day is May 17th. Celebration end of the year brunch in the church cafe at 10:30. All are welcome!

Silly Fun Book Week!

Silly Fun Book Week:

This week we will be reading some fun silly books and doing some fun activities to go with each book.

Books we will be reading:

*Llama Llama Red Pajama

*Hurry up and Slow Down

*Tickle Monster

*Quit calling me a monster

*How to Put your Parents to Bed

*Where the WIld Things Are

*What the Ladybug heard

Focus Skills for The Week:

*art: decorating our own pajama’s & color quilts, and making our own monster masks and building our own monsters

*Sensory: Playdough pajama quilt tray, starry night sensory tub, red lady bug water bead tub, washing dishes water tub

*fine motor: Cutting/gluing our own monsters and monster masks

*Dramatic play: sleeping bags “sleepover” party and sleeping tents

Up-Coming Dates:

*On Tuesday (Ms. Stephanie’s class) and on Friday (Ms. Jessi’s class) will be having a pajama day! So wear your pajamas and feel free to bring your favorite stuffed animal to school too!

*Our last day will be May the 17th. We will be having a special end of the year awards ceremony and brunch at 10:30 in the church cafe. We would love for you all to join!

*We will be having an extended day field trip likely one day the last two weeks of May. More info. to come soon!

*This next week we will be hanging a “Story Walk” up on the walls of Little Treasures beginning on the walls outside of the office. Feel free to take a walk this week with your child and catch up on our “story walk.” It’s appropriately titled “Hurry Up, Slow Down!”

Letter Y and Easter fun!

Letter Y and Easter Fun!

This week we will be learning about the Easter Story and the letter Y, plus the sound it makes. We will be sequencing the Easter story, painting crosses, making our own paper plate Jesus “tombs” as well as baking “resurrection rolls,” & sorting and finding Easter eggs. We will also be celebrating with an Easter snack and Easter egg hunt on Thursday. Remember we have no pre-school on Good Friday.

Focus Skills of the Week:

*cutting, gluing and sequencing the Jesus story (fine motor)

*baking “resurrection rolls” with marshmallows and Pillsbury crescent rolls (sensory)

*painting salt dough crosses (art)

*sorting eggs by color

*decorating and hiding Easter eggs

*Writing the letter Y and learning the sound it makes

*Stacking egg shells (find motor)

Up-coming dates:

*We are off from pre-school on Good Friday (April 19th)

Week of the Young Child

This week we are celebrating “Week of the young child.” We will be focusing on a different theme every day.

Monday: “Musical Monday” We will do some music and movement activities and make our own tambourines

Tuesday: “Tasty Tuesday” We will decorate our own aprons and bake a colorful rainbow cake

Wednesday: “Work Together Wednesday” We will be doing many different partner activities together

Thursday: “Artful Thursday” We will be creating many different art activities together

Friday: “Family Friday” Today is the Family Pancake Breakfast from 7-9 in the church cafe. Come join us for some pancakes and sausage and more! We will also be making our own family picture frames on this day, so send in a picture of your family this week!

***Remember we also have the “Family Picnic” that evening at Black Hoof Park at 6pm (weather permitting). Feel free to come and bring your own picnic food and play!!!

W is for Water

W is for Water play!

This week we will be learning about the Ocean and fish and having fun water play time. We will do some sensory bubble wrap fish painting as well as playing with water beads and a water sensory table. On Thursday we will visit Petsmart in Shawnee and look at their fish aquarium as well as touch and play with many different kinds of pet animals that we discussed last week too! We will learn about the letter W and the sound it makes.

Focus Skills of the Week:

*sensory: water beads/fish bin

*water fish, gem tub (sensory)

*painting bubble wrap fish (art)

*creating our own popsicle stick mermaids (art)

*creating our own shark faces (art)

*dramatic play: playing inside our own “whale” tummy table

*dress up mermaid tails and moana/ariel costumes

*sort/matching different textured shells

*water/fish puzzles, games (frog table tennis, hungry shark game, go fishing for letters)

*kinetic sand castles tray (sensory) with shells

Bible Verse of the Week:

W : “Wait upon the Lord” Ps 27:14

up-coming dates:

*Good Friday we are off ( April 19th)

*April 12th: Family Pancake breakfast (from 7-9am) in church “cafe”

*April 12th evening family picnic at Blackhoof Park. (More details later)

V is for Veterinarian and Pets!

V is for Veterinarians and Pets!

This week we will be learning about the letter V for vets and discussing different kinds of pets we own! We will paint our own pet rocks as well as modge podge paint pet snakes. We will have our own veterinary clinic and animal bone x rays to examine. We will take a field trip on April 4th to the Petsmart in Shawnee to have some hands on experiences as well. More info to come later.

Focus Skills for the Week:

*paint pet rocks in art

*modge podge paint pet snakes in art

*dramatic play veterinary clinic

*go fishing with play fishing rods (fine/gross motor)

*building pet feather birds with TP rolls

*building dog houses with blocks

*sensory: dog wash tub

*sensory: kitty litter scooping tub :)

*sensory: feed the bird the worms tub

*snakes and crabs in water beads sensory tub

*weighing/measuring play dog bones

*scooby doo dog bone snacks this week!

*cutting snake paper plates (fine motor)

Bible Verse for the Week:

V: “Very truly I tell you, he who hears His word and believes it will not die but experience eternal life.”

JOhn 5:24

Flowers, soil, worms, planting

Theme of the week:

Flowers, Soil, Worms and Planting! We will be planting grass seed and discussing the parts of a flowering plant. We will “play with worms” in the dirt and discuss the things a plant needs to grow. We will be making our own tissue paper flowers too!

Focus Skills of the Week:

*Sensory: playing with “worms” in water beads

*Sensory: playing in/play planting in dirt with flowers

*Sensory: planting grass seed

*cutting/painting/creating play flowers

*art/sensory/fine motor: playing with brown play dough dirt and creating button top flowers

*art/cutting/fine motor: creating carrot seed paper plates

*fine motor: tearing/folding tissue paper flowers

*building connecting blocks to create flowers

Bible Verse of the Week:

U “Unto us a child is born” Is 9: 6-7

Cooking, Nutrition and Dental Health Week!

Cooking, Nutrition and Dental Health Week!

This week we will be focusing on the letter T and the sound it makes. We will talk about our Teeth, how to keep them clean and healthy and eating the right kind of foods to keep our bodies healthy as well. We also plan on making our own mini bagel pizzas as we talk about the food groups.

Focus Skills for the Week:

*making chef hats (cutting/gluing) fine-gross motor

*shave cream and glitter painting some yellow teeth to make them white (art)

*sensory: sorting and washing play food/vegetables by kind and color

*making water melon fruit painting paper plates (art)

*having a visit from a real life chef!

*play restaurant and dental visit in dramatic play

*sorting and play brushing pretend teeth

*sensory cleaning pop bottle teeth with shave cream

Bible Verse for the week:

T: Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Prov. 3:5

Up-Coming Dates:

*We will be out for Spring Break the week of March 11th

S is for Dr. Seuss

Theme of the Week:

This week we will be talking about letter S and learning about Dr. Seuss. We will read many Dr. Seuss books together! We will even have a special visitor on Friday to read the Cat in the Hat to us!

Focus Skills for the Week:

  • writing the letter S and learning the sound it makes

  • painting and cutting out our own Dr. Seuss hats

  • making a “wocket in my pocket” and popsicle sticks (Thing 1 & Thing 2)

  • Sensory: making Oobleck slime, & red and white (cat int he hat) playdough

  • Gross motor/fine motor: building with red (cat in the hat) blocks/cups

  • counting/graphing/sorting goldflish

  • making green eggs and graphing our choices

  • magnet fishing with water beads

Bible Verse for the Week:

S: “Seek the Lord While He may be Found” Is. 55:6

Up-Coming Dates:

*Wednesday will be Dr. Seuss “Wacky Wednesday” Feel free to have your child wear their clothes backwards and/or inside out or mismatched. We will be doing lots of wacky things in the classroom on that day!

*On Friday we will be having a “Cat in the Hat” Day. Feel free to have kids wear all black and make your own cat tails (you can make your own by using black tights with cotton stuffed in it). Also feel free to draw on a nose and black cat whiskers. We will wear our cat hats that we make this week on this day too.

Q & R and Space week

Theme of the Week:

Q & R and Space week! This week we will be learning about nighttime vs. daytime, camping, night animals like owls and the moon. Next week we will even have a glow in the dark room to play in!

Focus SKills for the Week:

*aluminum foil “moon rock” painting the different phases of the moon in art

*Moon walk in dramatic play and bubble wrap “moon crater” stomping feet

*playing in moon kinetic sand and moon glitter could dough in sensory

*gross motor “moon scooter” ride/racing to plant the US flag on the moon!

*Fine motor Q tip star space glitter picture painting in art

*gravity glue/glitter drip painting in art

*playing with black moon glitter play dough in sensory

*reading about the moon and it’s different phases

*making our own night time owls in art

*playing marble moon “Kerplunk”

*going “camping” and making smores for snack in dramatic play!

Bible Verse for the week:

Reviewing Q and R

R is for Rainbows

Theme of the week:

We will talk about love, hearts and Valentines Day as well as letter Q/ R and rainbows. We will glitter paint with mod podge and make heart window sun catchers!

Focus Skills for the Week:

*art: glitter paint window heart sun catcher’s

*practice writing the letter Q/R and learning the sound it makes

*Science: working with rainbow color mixing

*sensory: rainbow water beads, rainbow sand letter/name writing

*making a rainbow cake

*gross motor: crawling through a “rainbow tunnel” to balance/add to our pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

*art and writing: making our own handmade heart valentines

*fine motor: hole punching our own V day hearts

*conversation heart graphing and color/pattern sorting

*valentine pattern blocks

Bible Verse of the week:

R: “Remember the Sabbath Day and keep it Holy” Exodus 20:8

Up-coming dates:

*Our Valentines Day party is Thursday at 10:45. Everyone is welcome. We will do a simple, game, craft and snack!

P is for Pirates and Princesses

This week’s theme will be all about the letter P and Pirates and Princesses. We will focus on the number 7 and the color purple!

Focus skills for this week:

*cutting out glass slippers

*decorating princess shoes and crowns

*sensory play with water beads, sharks and pirates walking the “plank”

*practicing writing the letter P and learning the sound it makes

*working with number 7 and the shape of a heart

*digging for pretend buried treasure in sand

*following a treasure map to our playground for some pretend find treasure!

*princess and pirate dress up play in dramatic play

*pirate puzzles put together

*pattern block pattern play build

Bible Verse of the week:

P: “Praise the Lord for He is good” Psalm 106:1

O is for Oz and Kansas Week!

Theme of the week:

This week we will be learning about the letter O and the sound it makes as well as talking about Kansas Week and the Wizard of Oz!

Focus Skills for the Week:

*writing the letter O and learning the sound it makes

*fine motor: cutting scarecrow hair in art and making our own scarecrow self portraits

*painting coffee filter sunflowers in art

*sensory: working with & counting/sorting real sunflower seeds

*sensory: playing in “play mud” while discussing Kansas Farming

*learning about the KS buffalo, bees, sunflowers, wheat, farming/scarecrows

*reading and learning about the KS movie “Wizard of Oz”

*playing wizard of oz dress up in dramatic play as well as KS farmer dress up play

*building with “yellow brick road” blocks

*reading about the Kansas Indians whom our state was named after

*making and eating sunflower sugar cookies and KS state graham crackers for snack this week!

Bible Verse for the week:

O: “O Give Thanks to the Lord for He is good.” Psalm 107:1

Letter N and Polar/Winter Animals

Theme for the week:

We will be learning about the letter N and Winter/Polar Animals. We will practice writing the letter N, reviewing numbers 5 & 6 and the shape of an oval.

Focus Skills for the Week:

*Writing the letter N & learning the sound it makes

*painting & playing with real snow (we’ve had plenty of it!!)

*discussing habitats of polar animals and animals who blend in with their environment

*painting with ice/melting ice with turkey basters & warm water

*having a number snowflake snowball fight!

*making/painting coffee filter snowflakes with liquid water colors

*in dramatic play we will have a pretend igloo, we will play ice hokey and go ice fishing!

*making sparkling white cloud dough in sensory

*building igloos with white “snow blocks”

*sorting polar animals pictures by size

*matching polar animals to their snow tracks

*labeling parts and building pretend snowmen

*painting polar bears in art

Bible Verse for the week:

N: “Noone can serve two Masters” Matthew 6:24

Up-Coming Dates:

**We still have school on Monday!

M is for Magnets and Mittens

Magnets and Mittens

This week we will be learning all about the letter M. Will will focus on some science activities with magnets and marbles and reading some books about mittens!

Focus Skills for the week:

  • playing marble “kerplunk”

  • Doing marble magnet mitten painting in art

  • making “Moana” boats from popsicle sticks

  • practicing fine motor cutting out mitten shapes

  • playing the “Belz” magnet game

  • sorting colored mittens and playing the mitten match game

  • sensory magnetic mitten match in sand and water beads

  • “Milk” color science experiment

  • magnet cars and magnet marble runner games

  • sorting: “ Is it magnetic or not?” science activity

  • reading and sequencing story events in order from Jan Brett’s “The Mitten” story

  • Mitten patterns

Bible Verse for the week:

M: “Man should not live on bread alone, but on the word of God.” Matthew 4:4

Up-Coming dates:

**We will have school on Martin Luther King Day

**We will have school on February 1st even though Olathe is off.

Letter L and Community Helpers

Letter L and Community Helpers

Theme of the week:

This first week back we will be studying the letter L and learning about Community Helpers. We will attend a field trip to the Olathe Public Library on Thursday so remember to turn in your permission slips. Let us know if you need another one! We are hoping to have a visit from a local police officer this week as well!

Focus Skills for the Week:

  • finding and measuring doctor kit tools

  • writing the letter L and learning the sound it makes

  • Sensory water play with pretend syringes

  • doctor, chef and construction play dress up in dramatic play

  • playing librarian by sorting & shelving library books

  • making our own community helper flip book in art

  • playing with pretend “sock” casts we can decorate

  • making and decorating our own book marks in art

  • learning numbers 5-6 and counting.

  • learning about the color blue and the shape of an oval

Bible Verse for the Week:

L “Let your light shine before men so they may see your good works.” Matthew 5:16

Up-coming Important Dates:

*Thursday field trip. Please turn in permission slips ASAP. We will be going at 9:30

*We WILL have pre-school on Martin Luther King Day and President’s Day!

K is for Kris Kringle and Christmas around the World

Weekly Theme: K is for Kris Kringle and Christmas around the World

This week we will focus on Christmas traditions around the world. We will also read about Hanukkah and Kwanzaa. We will learn about the letter K.

Focus SKills for the Week:

  • art: Christmas tree and Christmas light painting

  • art: making Kwanzaa candles

  • writing the letter K and learning the sound it makes

  • art: making picture snow globes

  • sensory play snow and peppermint water filled ornaments

  • sensory: magnet jingle bells tub

  • ugly Christmas sweater gem decorating :) (fine motor)

  • Christmas tree block balance walk (gross motor)

  • dramatic play Santa’s Workshop: elf toy making station

  • dramatic play and sensory/fine motor: gift wrapping cutting/gluing station

Bible Verse for the week:

K “Keep your tongue from evil.” Psalms 34:13

Upcoming dates:

  • Christmas party on the 19th at 10:30 am

  • Don’t forget to return Nutcracker permission slips for the 14th

  • Christmas break the 20th-Jan. 6th.