Friendship Week!

Theme of the WeeK

We will be learning all about letter G and the sound it makes and working with different friends each day to learn about cooperation, partnering, teamwork and friendship!

Focus Skills for the Week:

  • Writing the letter G and learning the sound it makes.

  • Partnering each day with a different “center buddy” to work and play together

  • building with puzzles, blocks, & kinetic sand with a partner to create something

  • taking turns serving a buddy snack

  • discussing what makes a good friend, sharing and taking turns

  • learning more about the color orange by mixing red and yellow paint with a friend

  • counting the number 3

  • identifying circle shapes and squares all around us

  • patterning with a partner

Bible Verse for the Week:

G: “Go and make disciples of all the nations.” Matthew 28:19

Up-coming dates/things to know:

*Deanna Rose Fall Festival field trip on Oct. 25th. Parents are welcome. (please be prepared to pay for yourself and extra siblings. $2 a person) A permission note will be coming home next week.