Halloween Week!

Theme of the week: Spiders, bats, black cats & Halloween fun!

This week we will not be introducing any new letters or sounds. We will focus on Halloween fun and learn about black bats and spiders. We will have a costume dress up area for home living and we will be making spider hats and spider webs and paint black bat silhouettes.

Focus Skills for the Week:

  • cutting/folding spider leg hats

  • straw/ring spider stacking

  • Halloween play dough cookie cut outs

  • Costume dress up in Home living

  • making Halloween Cauldron brew with vinegar and baking soda

  • patterning with spider blocks

  • using math 10’s frames to count spiders

  • playing with a haunted doll house with spider webs

  • making a spider water spout tub

  • reading non-fiction books about spiders and bats

****Remember the party is on the 31st at 10:30 and it is a Pajama Day!