Thanksgiving & Families

Theme for the week:

***Note: There will be no newsletter for the two day week the following week.

Families and Thanksgivng! We will be talking about families and how they celebrate Thanksgiving and how they spend time together. We will be reviewing letters and numbers and will not be introducing any new concepts. We will also be making turkeys and discussing the first Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims and how their new friends the Native Americans helped them.

Focus Skills for the Week:

*Reviewing letter Ii and the sound it makes

*making family tree houses

*discussing what we are most thankful for

*fork painting turkeys (reviewing colors orange and yellow)

*playing with pumpkin pie cream in sensory

*re-playing the first Thanksgiving with Pilgrim hats in dramatic play

*Making Thanksgiving place settings/discussing family dinner time

*Playing family game time, including football in the fall

*Having our own Mayflower boat race in the water tub in sensory

*Doing turkey patterns and painting Indian Corn

Up-coming Dates:

***Thanksgiving feast is the 16th at 11:00. All are welcome!!

***We are off school W-F (21st-23rd)