C is for Cats and Cars!

Theme of the Week:

This week we will be learning all about the letter C and cats, cars and different forms of transportation. We will read lots of Cat books (including Pete the Cat) and books on cars and transportation. We will make our own “Pete the Cats” and circle car steering wheels as well as train car tracks with circle wheels.

Focus Skills for this week:

*practicing writing the letter C and learning the sound it makes

* cutting/painting/drawing circles (wheels on cars and making Pete the cat shoes)

* The color red and the song for R E D. Playing an “I Spy” game for the color red

* sequencing, patterning and sorting with different forms of transportation cards

*counting to the number 1 and beginning our “numbers 1-10 book” (It will come home later)

* practicing choosing centers independently and following directions

C Bible Verse for the week:

“Children of God, obey your parents in all things.”

Colossians 3:20

Important up-coming dates to know:

*October 9th is the fire station field trip at 9:30

*October 25th is the Fall/pumpkin field trip to Deanna Rose at 9:30