Letter N and Polar/Winter Animals

Theme for the week:

We will be learning about the letter N and Winter/Polar Animals. We will practice writing the letter N, reviewing numbers 5 & 6 and the shape of an oval.

Focus Skills for the Week:

*Writing the letter N & learning the sound it makes

*painting & playing with real snow (we’ve had plenty of it!!)

*discussing habitats of polar animals and animals who blend in with their environment

*painting with ice/melting ice with turkey basters & warm water

*having a number snowflake snowball fight!

*making/painting coffee filter snowflakes with liquid water colors

*in dramatic play we will have a pretend igloo, we will play ice hokey and go ice fishing!

*making sparkling white cloud dough in sensory

*building igloos with white “snow blocks”

*sorting polar animals pictures by size

*matching polar animals to their snow tracks

*labeling parts and building pretend snowmen

*painting polar bears in art

Bible Verse for the week:

N: “Noone can serve two Masters” Matthew 6:24

Up-Coming Dates:

**We still have school on Monday!