O is for Oz and Kansas Week!

Theme of the week:

This week we will be learning about the letter O and the sound it makes as well as talking about Kansas Week and the Wizard of Oz!

Focus Skills for the Week:

*writing the letter O and learning the sound it makes

*fine motor: cutting scarecrow hair in art and making our own scarecrow self portraits

*painting coffee filter sunflowers in art

*sensory: working with & counting/sorting real sunflower seeds

*sensory: playing in “play mud” while discussing Kansas Farming

*learning about the KS buffalo, bees, sunflowers, wheat, farming/scarecrows

*reading and learning about the KS movie “Wizard of Oz”

*playing wizard of oz dress up in dramatic play as well as KS farmer dress up play

*building with “yellow brick road” blocks

*reading about the Kansas Indians whom our state was named after

*making and eating sunflower sugar cookies and KS state graham crackers for snack this week!

Bible Verse for the week:

O: “O Give Thanks to the Lord for He is good.” Psalm 107:1