Q & R and Space week

Theme of the Week:

Q & R and Space week! This week we will be learning about nighttime vs. daytime, camping, night animals like owls and the moon. Next week we will even have a glow in the dark room to play in!

Focus SKills for the Week:

*aluminum foil “moon rock” painting the different phases of the moon in art

*Moon walk in dramatic play and bubble wrap “moon crater” stomping feet

*playing in moon kinetic sand and moon glitter could dough in sensory

*gross motor “moon scooter” ride/racing to plant the US flag on the moon!

*Fine motor Q tip star space glitter picture painting in art

*gravity glue/glitter drip painting in art

*playing with black moon glitter play dough in sensory

*reading about the moon and it’s different phases

*making our own night time owls in art

*playing marble moon “Kerplunk”

*going “camping” and making smores for snack in dramatic play!

Bible Verse for the week:

Reviewing Q and R