S is for Dr. Seuss

Theme of the Week:

This week we will be talking about letter S and learning about Dr. Seuss. We will read many Dr. Seuss books together! We will even have a special visitor on Friday to read the Cat in the Hat to us!

Focus Skills for the Week:

  • writing the letter S and learning the sound it makes

  • painting and cutting out our own Dr. Seuss hats

  • making a “wocket in my pocket” and popsicle sticks (Thing 1 & Thing 2)

  • Sensory: making Oobleck slime, & red and white (cat int he hat) playdough

  • Gross motor/fine motor: building with red (cat in the hat) blocks/cups

  • counting/graphing/sorting goldflish

  • making green eggs and graphing our choices

  • magnet fishing with water beads

Bible Verse for the Week:

S: “Seek the Lord While He may be Found” Is. 55:6

Up-Coming Dates:

*Wednesday will be Dr. Seuss “Wacky Wednesday” Feel free to have your child wear their clothes backwards and/or inside out or mismatched. We will be doing lots of wacky things in the classroom on that day!

*On Friday we will be having a “Cat in the Hat” Day. Feel free to have kids wear all black and make your own cat tails (you can make your own by using black tights with cotton stuffed in it). Also feel free to draw on a nose and black cat whiskers. We will wear our cat hats that we make this week on this day too.