Flowers, soil, worms, planting

Theme of the week:

Flowers, Soil, Worms and Planting! We will be planting grass seed and discussing the parts of a flowering plant. We will “play with worms” in the dirt and discuss the things a plant needs to grow. We will be making our own tissue paper flowers too!

Focus Skills of the Week:

*Sensory: playing with “worms” in water beads

*Sensory: playing in/play planting in dirt with flowers

*Sensory: planting grass seed

*cutting/painting/creating play flowers

*art/sensory/fine motor: playing with brown play dough dirt and creating button top flowers

*art/cutting/fine motor: creating carrot seed paper plates

*fine motor: tearing/folding tissue paper flowers

*building connecting blocks to create flowers

Bible Verse of the Week:

U “Unto us a child is born” Is 9: 6-7