V is for Veterinarian and Pets!

V is for Veterinarians and Pets!

This week we will be learning about the letter V for vets and discussing different kinds of pets we own! We will paint our own pet rocks as well as modge podge paint pet snakes. We will have our own veterinary clinic and animal bone x rays to examine. We will take a field trip on April 4th to the Petsmart in Shawnee to have some hands on experiences as well. More info to come later.

Focus Skills for the Week:

*paint pet rocks in art

*modge podge paint pet snakes in art

*dramatic play veterinary clinic

*go fishing with play fishing rods (fine/gross motor)

*building pet feather birds with TP rolls

*building dog houses with blocks

*sensory: dog wash tub

*sensory: kitty litter scooping tub :)

*sensory: feed the bird the worms tub

*snakes and crabs in water beads sensory tub

*weighing/measuring play dog bones

*scooby doo dog bone snacks this week!

*cutting snake paper plates (fine motor)

Bible Verse for the Week:

V: “Very truly I tell you, he who hears His word and believes it will not die but experience eternal life.”

JOhn 5:24