Letter Y and Easter fun!

Letter Y and Easter Fun!

This week we will be learning about the Easter Story and the letter Y, plus the sound it makes. We will be sequencing the Easter story, painting crosses, making our own paper plate Jesus “tombs” as well as baking “resurrection rolls,” & sorting and finding Easter eggs. We will also be celebrating with an Easter snack and Easter egg hunt on Thursday. Remember we have no pre-school on Good Friday.

Focus Skills of the Week:

*cutting, gluing and sequencing the Jesus story (fine motor)

*baking “resurrection rolls” with marshmallows and Pillsbury crescent rolls (sensory)

*painting salt dough crosses (art)

*sorting eggs by color

*decorating and hiding Easter eggs

*Writing the letter Y and learning the sound it makes

*Stacking egg shells (find motor)

Up-coming dates:

*We are off from pre-school on Good Friday (April 19th)