Silly Fun Book Week!

Silly Fun Book Week:

This week we will be reading some fun silly books and doing some fun activities to go with each book.

Books we will be reading:

*Llama Llama Red Pajama

*Hurry up and Slow Down

*Tickle Monster

*Quit calling me a monster

*How to Put your Parents to Bed

*Where the WIld Things Are

*What the Ladybug heard

Focus Skills for The Week:

*art: decorating our own pajama’s & color quilts, and making our own monster masks and building our own monsters

*Sensory: Playdough pajama quilt tray, starry night sensory tub, red lady bug water bead tub, washing dishes water tub

*fine motor: Cutting/gluing our own monsters and monster masks

*Dramatic play: sleeping bags “sleepover” party and sleeping tents

Up-Coming Dates:

*On Tuesday (Ms. Stephanie’s class) and on Friday (Ms. Jessi’s class) will be having a pajama day! So wear your pajamas and feel free to bring your favorite stuffed animal to school too!

*Our last day will be May the 17th. We will be having a special end of the year awards ceremony and brunch at 10:30 in the church cafe. We would love for you all to join!

*We will be having an extended day field trip likely one day the last two weeks of May. More info. to come soon!

*This next week we will be hanging a “Story Walk” up on the walls of Little Treasures beginning on the walls outside of the office. Feel free to take a walk this week with your child and catch up on our “story walk.” It’s appropriately titled “Hurry Up, Slow Down!”