Bugs and Insects Galore!

Theme of the Week:

This week we will be learning all about insects! We will learn about the parts of an insect and how many legs/antennae they have. We will be making our own ladybugs, butterflies, fingerprint ants and more! We will also go on an insect scavenger hunt this week. Remember we will have an extended day field trip to the park on Friday. Please send in a sack lunch that day. PIck up will be at noon.

Focus Skills of the week:

*cutting, gluing ladybugs (art) (fine motor)

*sorting insects vs. non-insects

*(science) insect scavenger hunt

*doing some insect/bug yoga poses exercising

*learning the butterfly life cycle (science)

*(art) making coffee filter butterflies

*making kinetic sand ant hills (sensory)

*making a table leaf habitat and bug diorama tub (sensory)

*playing games (ants in your pants, fly swatter spell your name game, )

*counting with dice “bug on a leaf” beans, ,tweezers game (fine motor)

*(art) finger painting “ants in your pants”

UP-coming dates:

*Friday sack lunch and late pick up at noon. We will be walking to the park for lunch.

*Last day is May 17th. Celebration end of the year brunch in the church cafe at 10:30. All are welcome!