Week 4: September 5, 2019

Hello all! We are just about to finish week 4 in our Emerald Classroom. So far our themes have been: friends, family, and this week we are focusing on nutrition. We do centers and a craft each day that is connected to our weekly theme. We are continuing to focus on the rules in our classroom and how to be a problem solver. We also have activities and discussions to help develop cooperation in our classroom. At this age, fine motor development is so important. So we will do a lot of activities to develop stronger hand muscles. Some examples of fine motor activities would be cutting, tracing, drawing, and writing. We will continue to incorporate these activities all year. Next week will start introducing one letter each week and one shape/ color each few weeks. We will be continuing to focus on the letters in our name and how to form those letters correctly. We have had some issues this week with our copier, which is why we haven’t had daily notes each day. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me at pick up time or Ms. Starr at drop off.


Ms. Bliss

Our First Week

We are having such a fabulous first week in the Emerald Room! We have been learning the schedule and rules for our classroom. We are also working on identifying and writing our names. We have been singing class building songs and learning to use safe and kind hands with our friends. We are also practicing our colors. In the coming weeks, we will start introducing a letter, number, shape, and color per week. Your kiddos have all been doing such a wonderful job of listening to their teachers and we feel really lucky to have such a great group!