Welcome to Camp Gold!

School has started up again and I am so excited to have another group of awesome, sweet, smart, loving friends.

This week we are getting to know each other and the rules/way of the classroom! We will talk about our jobs in the classroom and how center time works! Iā€™m looking forward to getting the ball rolling with our daily routine!

I will be posting weekly about the fun things we are doing and learning about! stay tuned!

-Miss Jessica

All about apples!

This week we had so much fun talking and learning about apples! We learned how they grow from seeds in the ground to tall trees with blossoms and then the apples grow! We played in the apple orchard room and made apple pies and treats with felt and pom poms. We made applesauce and taste tested different colored apples and made a chart of which ones we liked the best! We are ready for fall!