August 19-September 6

We’ve been having a blast the last few weeks with our friends!

We’ve been learning all about our classroom, our teachers, and our friends. We’ve also been talking about mommies and daddies, grandmas and grandpas, and brothers and sisters.

We’ve been doing arts and crafts, playing in our water sensory table, marching, playing with puzzles, crawling in and out of pop up houses, playing with dinosaurs, and dancing with our friends and teachers.

This week (September 9-13) we will be talking about apples and the color red. We also have a new friend! Her name is Aarya!

Keep checking our classroom gallery this week as we will be adding pictures from the last couple of weeks!

Toddler Red Teachers

Welcome to Toddler Red!

We’ve had a great week so far! We have three new friends, Beau, Jonah, and Noah! We’ve been playing with musical instruments, painting, dancing with our friends and teachers, and building really tall towers! We are having the best time getting to know each other and are looking forward to the rest of the school year :)